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Time for something a bit uncommon and out of the box. Try a workshop with Dr. Laz!

Inservice training for teachers, parents, professional care givers. Presentations on the following topics:

*Individualizing Instruction - Student Centered Learning

*The Motivational Classroom - No excuse for a boring class. Ever.

*Every student deserves a special education

*Expressive Arts Therapies - Tap the goldmine!

*Classroom management - tough job but someone's gotta do it... or else.

* What's so special about special education anyways!

* We're All Special... Needs!

* Building the school/community/family bridge

* Building the administration/teacher bridge

* Outdoor Ed - No Box Needed

* Make your job easier & theirs smarter - Peer Tutoring!

* No "I" in the word Team but there is in "Win." Team Building Time for your crew!

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Some tips to ponder...


Using MUSIC to INSPIRE & Motivate

Most music therapy programs for special needs students involve the students listening to music or limited use of hand percussion drums. To be sure, these are valuable tools and both techniques can be very effective. But at the Quest Center (Broward County Public Schools) we take it a step further: Experiential Music! We have the students play along, to the best of their ability, to live music! Some play tambourines, congas, while others use wrist & ankle bells. Some teachers have noted that the only time their students smile or laugh is during our hands-on music activities.


I encourage all of my students to sing along using a microphone! Try this awesome technique sometimes - you'll be amazed at how useful this can be. It encourages them to sing along, even if this means just making some noises with their throats and mouths.

We've also formed a very special & unique "sing & sign" choir. Our students with profound special needs, such as Autism, Downs-Syndrome, and even those classified as "medically-fragile," are taught American Sign Language. They then are able to "sing" along to the live music in the background.

In addition, we provide a complete multi-sensory experience as the music is being performed. Students are able to utilize a variety of adaptive switches & communication devices. Some produce sounds, others create special lighting effects. We even have two switches that operate bubble machines!

PIC symbols are often used with students with limited verbalization skills. This strategy allows them to communicate & participate more effectively. The hat? Well, it pzazz's things up a bit!

These techniques are all geared to increasing their participatory skills, as well as enhance the academic curriculum. The music & choir program also maximize positive social skills!

Remember - special education is simply
good education!

It motivates.

It speaks to the individual child.

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"Sing & Sign" Choir!

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