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*2008 Inductee National Teachers Hall of Fame

*Teacher of the Year from two different public school districts: Buffalo, NY (1980's) & Broward County Schools (USA's 6th largest school district) in 2007.

*Written four books, including: best-seller Skullcaps 'N Switchblades; Sharing Turf - made into the "Crown Heights" movie, starring Howie Mandel as Dr. Laz; latest book - We're All Special... Needs! Manual for educators & parents.

*Dr. Laz & The CURE, his multi-ethnic music band, has performed for: the US Congress; halftime for the NY Knicks & Miami Heat; opened for Al Green, the Winans, & the Manhattans. His eclectic band plays it all - rock, rap, reggae, jazz, gospel, Hassidic, blues, bluegrass & more!

*His work in race relations & special needs has been featured on many TV specials, incuding ESPN, CNN, Montel Williams Show, USA Network, Donahue, & more.

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David Lazerson, PhD, akaDr. Laz, has been educating, inspiring and changing people’s lives for over 30 years as an author, musician, teacher, and a conflict resolution specialist. Dr. Laz is recognized worldwide for his innovative and educational techniques in learning. He has been featured on many national and international TV specials, such as CNN, ESPN, The USA Network, The Montel Williams Show, and The Phil Donahue Show. He has also been written up in most major newspapers and magazines throughout the country. His latest book, Sharing Turf, was recently turned into the Showtime movie, Crown Heights, which starred Howie Mandel as Dr. Laz and chronicled his miraculous race relations efforts during the Crown Heights Race Riots in 1991. "Crown Heights" is available at NetFlix & Blockbusters. As a featured guest speaker at major conventions and book fairs throughout the globe, his lectures have been referred to as exciting, meaningful, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

Race Relations Specialist
Just weeks after the Crown Heights race riots in 1991, Dr. Laz was selected by the Mayor of New York to be the liaison from the orthodox & Hassidic community to work alongside leaders from the African-American community. He was selected because of his already significant accomplishments breaking down stereotypes and barriers within this community. He and his counterparts created Project CURE - a racial harmony group, and what they were able to accomplish was nothing short of extraordinary. Starting with “dialogues for understanding,” Project CURE soon grew into a major force for positive change on a local and global level. Under Dr. Laz’s leadership, CURE got the NY Knicks to dedicate one night a year to racial harmony and his racially mixed CURE basketball team played during halftime for several years. CURE has won nearly every major civic award, including the Mother Hale award, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fulfilling the Dream award, the NY Foundation Peace award, and the John Lindsay award.

Dr. Laz has entertained hundreds of audiences throughout the world, from the very young to the young at heart. His concerts are fun, upbeat, filled with spontaneity and audience participation. His music features an eclectic blend of rap, rock, Hassidic, blues, reggae, jazz, bluegrass and even gospel! Dr. Laz & The CURE, his multi-ethnic music group, has played with Al Green, The Winans, in front of the U.S. Congress, the Democratic National Convention, at Madison Square Garden, as well as numerous schools, universities and institutions across the country. Showtime used three of his original songs for the Crown Heights movie.

Dr. Laz is a world famous educator, winning the 2007 Arts Teacher of the Year award for the Broward County Public Schools (nation's 5th largest district) and the Teacher of the Year award from NY State in 1981 for his rather unorthodox, yet highly acclaimed techniques for reaching students with special needs. Earning a PhD in Educational Research & Evaluation, a master’s degree in learning & behavioral disorders, and two undergraduate degrees, including a Bachelor of Divinity, and more than 27 years in both private & public education – as both an administrator and teacher, he’s done it all! He has directed his own alternative high school program and currently teaches graduate level courses in research. His ideas and methods have been published in the NY Times and many major journals including the Journal of Learning Disabilities and the Journal of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders. In 2008 Dr. Laz was one of five teachers throughout the entire USA ot be inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame.

His current work, which utilizes experiential music for Down-Syndrome and Autistic students, has already made front page news and been featured on news stations such as NBC and WB. He has also formed a unique choir of these students and travels to senior centers and other schools, inspiring and enlightening audiences of all ages. Most recently, he is conducting a cutting-edge research study that focuses on the use of humor and hands-on music for students with profound special needs. The study is leading to dramatic results in helping these individuals build self-esteem and positive social skills, as well as increasing their awareness/participatory behaviors.

Dr. Laz has written four books: Sharing Turf, Ammunition: Battling the Elements, and the best-seller Skullcaps ‘N Switchblades – which chronicles his teaching years in an all-Black, inner-city school in Buffalo, NY, where he subsequently won “Teacher of the Year” for his outstanding work with his special education class. Skullcaps and Switchblades is now under consideration for a major motion picture and has been called “a fun & inspiring read,” and “one that sets Black/Jewish relations on the right path.”

Dr. Laz's new book: TEACH ME IF YOU CAN! - What really works for the child with special needs. Released in the summer of 2012, this monumental book features a practical & exciting guide for parents & professionals working in the field of special education. Expressive arts, hands-on experiential music, black light medium, peer interactive learning, assistive technology, getting along with the school administration, & more! Book is 372 pages and includes over 15 pictures in this awesome survival guide for parents, students, & teachers.


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