Winner of prestigious Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation!

"Sing & Sign" Special Needs Choir & Music Group - The Quest Center



"Congratulations, Dr. Laz! Your program has been selected. You have demonstrated an outstanding dedication to helping your music program & your students achieve their greatest potential."

Mr. Holland Opus Foundation





Winner of 20th (but hey, who's counting?!) grant for the Quest Center of the Broward Public Schools in the past six years.
You too can learn how to write 'em!
See below for some important tips.

Recent grants include:

*October 2011. NEA Student Achievement Grant. Project "SHINE-ON!" - Special Helpers In Need Entertain Others Nicely. $5000.

*April 2010. FPL Renewable Energy Grant. Wind & Solar Power experientail science projects for special needs. $1000.

*March 2010. Excellence in Education, City of Hollywood, Fl. $1400 Science Projects for Students with Profound Special Needs.

*February 2009. Excellence in Education, City of Hollywood, Fl.
$1200 for experiential music/theatre grant.

*Sept. 2008. Arts In Education Grant. Spreading Our Wings. Using live butterflies & experiential theatre to enhance participation for students with profound special needs.

*June 2008. ASP - After School Program, hiring of staff & supplies, 16 months for the Quest Center. $400,000.

*Jan. 2007. HP Grant - Technology in Education for $37,500. To develop exciting, motivational cross-curriculum strategies for students with profound special needs.

*March 2006. Arts in Education. Using Black Light Theatre to enhance math instruction for students with profound special needs. $10,000 grant.

*January 2006. Lowes Toolbox for Education award. Building an outdoor music teaching area for students with profound special needs. $5,000.00 grant.

*November 2005. NEA Foundation Innovation. Yes We Can! Using experiential music to bring together senior citizens & students with profound special needs. $5,000.00 grant.

*November 2005. Broward Beautiful. Outdoor learning areas for special needs students. $7,000.00 grant.

*Fall 2005. Target Community grant award. Yes We Can! Senior citizens & students with profound special needs – together through music. $2500 grant.

Some grant writing tips!

1. Keep it creative. Think of a new way you can utilize your educational strategies.

2. Keep it short & sweet. Use some descriptors in the title of your grant that will capture someone's attention! If it starts off boring well... they might not even read the darn thing!

3. Like the lottery - ya gotta be in it to win it!
So don't get discouraged. Keep plugging away and sending in your grant ideas. You may get rejected more than once from the same organization before finally seeing that pot at the end of the rainbow.

4. Make sure your grant idea is doable and testable! Doesn't have to be done with a complicated statistical analysis - just something that will demonstrate accountability. Easiest methods utilize a pre & post-test analysis. This could be done with both quantitative and qualitative measures.

5. Make sure to thank the organizations you apply to - and keep them in touch with the progress of your grant implementation. They LUV seeing pictures and often will use them for their own PR. By the way, make sure you have permission to photograph your students before anything hits the press!


  • National Science Teacher of the Year Award of Merit, Reaching The Pinnacle Scadden Award. "For outstanding contribution in science education for students with special needs." Phil., PA. (March 2010).

  • National Teachers Hall of Fame Inductee. Emporia, Kansas. (June 2008).

  • The Charmettes Inc. - Broward County Leadership & Community Service Award. (Dec. 2007).

  • Broward County Public Schools 2007 Arts Teacher of the Year. (Oct. 2007).

  • Distinguished Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching. University of Buffalo. (April 2007)
  • Distinguished Alumni Award for Contributions in Education & Comunity Service. Buffalo State College. (May 2007).
  • Arts Teacher of the Year. Broward County public schools. Semi-finalist. Broward Center for the Performing Arts. (Feb. 2006)
  • Best Buy National Teach Award. (Feb. 2005)
  • Special Achievement Award. NYC. Honoring Project CURE's work for improving race relations. (2004).
  • National Teachers Hall of Fame. Semi-finalist. (May, 2004).
  • Dr. MLK, Jr. Fulfilling the Dream. CBS TV. (1997).
  • Mother Hale Award for Community Youth Service Award. NYC. (1994).
  • Governor's Citation for Outstanding Service, State of New York. Presented by Gov. Mario Cuomo. (1993).
  • Peace site award for community service. Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. (1993).
  • Community service award. NY State Senate. (1993).
  • Racial harmony award. NY Knicks. Presented by Anthony Mason of the Knicks at Racial Harmony Night at Madison Square Garden. (1993).
  • National Student-Athlete Day, Giant Steps Award. From Center for the Study of Sports in Society. Boston, Mass. (1993).
  • John Lindsay Prize for Race & Ethnic Relations. From Citizens Committee for NYC. (1993).
  • Shofar Award. From Jewish Board of the Boy Scouts of America. For distinguished service to youth & scouting in NYC. (1992).
  • Mayor's Superstars Award. Featured on SONY screen in Times Square, NYC. (1992).
  • Unity award. Borough of Brooklyn. Presented by Borough President Golden. (1992).
  • Teacher of the Year. Buffalo, New York public schools. (1981).
  • Help Young America Campaign to Help the Handicapped. National Fifth Prize, Colgate-Palmolive Co. (1981).
  • Scouter of the Year. Buffalo, New York. District award of merit from Boy Scouts of America. (1980).
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