Broward County Public Schools
2007 Arts Teacher of the Year Award

(2008 National Teachers Hall of Fame - Pics Below!)

Wow! Center stage at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.
(l-r) Laz-Gtr, Howie-Sax, Benny-Percussion, 3 signers - Adam, Dan, Raymond, Ms. Cobb -drums, behind Dan,
Moshe in wheelchair operating bubble machine with help from Jenna, Tony - light machines with help from Sue,
Zahava - keys, Danielle in wheelchair running the visual slideshow with her adpative head switch!

**Click for Article on Dr. Laz from Cultural Quarterly Fall 2007**

With Dideir, James & Paul, in our dressing room before the big event!

Danielle & friend sharing some laughs at the reception.

Adam & Dan giving the "ooh-ooh-ooh" cheer after one of our songs.

Dr. Laz & The CURE! racial harmony music group
(l-r) BT - percussion; Didier - sax; James - drums; Laz - gtr, vocals;
Howie - horns, backup vocals; Paul - co-singer; Zahava - keys.

Laz & Paul rockin' the crowd to Ya Can't Judge A Book
by Lookin' at the Cover!

Ah, the best for last! Kudos to Rabbi Zach (l)- known as Rabbi ZigZag, and his two biker groups
(Lions of Judea & King David Bikers) for their wonderful support for the event and for our special kids!
They showed up in force and our students were so thrilled to take pictures with them on their bikes.

And yes, that's my Abbah, known as Big Daddy Laz, up on Zach's monster Harley!



2008 National Teachers Hall of Fame
Thanks for an amazing, inspiring & totally awesome event!

Five Inductees selected from the entire USA

It was humbling to be amongst such teaching superstars.
Please visit the National Teachers Hall of Fame website at: www.nthf.org

On live national & local radio from Emporia, Kansas - home of the first One Room School House!

Emporia - a town that respects & honors... teachers!
What a refreshing change indeed.

Ooops. Got into some trouble at the One Room School House & yes, that's a real "Dunce Cap."

Part of my display at the Hall of Fame.

Goofin' around with the film crew at our ceremony rehearsal.

Five of us with Glenn Strickland, one of the NTHF directors.

With mom, dad, Gittel, and our wonderful hosts - Tim, Angie & Lauren Miller.
U guys R the Best!!

Part of my display area in the NTHF.

With our good friends, Marsha & Ira, who came in from Miami to share in the festivities.
Marsha is an awesome teacher & I had the honor to teach with her in Miami Dade schools.

One Rm School House authentic wooden benches with good ol' inkwells!

Hey Tim - thanks for that belt. It held up nicely!
Yeah I know, never leave home without one.


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