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    followed by discussion & book signing
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    Time for something a bit uncommon and out of the box. Try a workshop with Dr. Laz!

    Inservice training & workshops for teachers, parents, professional care givers. Presentations on the following topics:

    *Individualizing Instruction - Student Centered Learning

    *The Motivational Classroom - No excuse for a boring class. Ever.

    *Every student deserves a special education

    *Expressive Arts Therapies - Tap the goldmine!

    *Classroom management - tough job but someone's gotta do it... or else.

    * What's so special about special education anyways!

    * We're All Special... Needs!

    * Building the school/community/family bridge

    * Building the administration/teacher bridge

    * Outdoor Ed - No Box Needed

    * Make your job easier & theirs smarter - Peer Tutoring!

    * No "I" in the word Team but there is in "Win." Team Building Time for your crew!

    Contact: DrLaz770@gmail.com

  • Other Topics that Dr. Laz presents on:

    1. Skullcaps 'N Switchblades! - What's a Nice Jewish Boy Doing In A Place Like This?
    2. It's A Mixed-Up, Crazy World & I'm... Jewish?!
    3. Tikkun Olam - Fixing The Planet: Our Responsibilities As Human Beings/ As Jews
    4. Keeping Our Teens Off The Streets & Involved in the Positive
    5. Israel - Neighborhood Bully?
  • 6. We Can't Do What?! Sexuality & Torah Ethics
    7. If Momma Ain't Happy Ain't Nobody Happy !Building A Positive Home Environment
    8. Here, There & Everywhere - And All in the Torah?
    9. I Learned A Lot From My Teachers - But Most From My Students
    10. Save the Whales... and the Humans! (What Judaism says about Environmentalism)
    and my Fave, courtesy of R Dovid Birk from Chabad Center of Cornell University:
    11. Hassids, Hip-Hop, & Harmony!
  • Topics on Addiction
  • 12. L'CHAIM! TO LIFE - Not Addiction!
    What Judaism has to say about drinking & keeping a healthy liver.
    What Judaism has to say about smoking & keeping your head (& lungs) healthy!
    The "innocent" addictions: I can't survive without my 3 Starbucks!

Email Dr. Laz directly at: DrLaz770@gmail.com

Some PR flyers from a variety of Events:

In jolly ol' England!


Speaking & Book Signing at B&N

Burlington Vermont - 2016

Some of the DL & TC band!

Halftime Gig rockin' at a Miami HEAT Game!

More Flyers and press releases from recent and upcoming events!

New Paltz Events included: Shabbaton, Movie Showing & Book Signing on Campus, & Dr. Laz & The CURE music performance!








JCC & Chabad Event of Las Vegas!

Leeds, England




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